(Almost)All of my projects can be found on github.com.

  • guiWords

    Starting with raw dictionary data (fixed-width flat files), I am developing a C#/SQL port of the popular Latin dictionary application, Whitaker's Words. I have reached a good place with development and the application is stable.


  • LEDES (1998B) File Creator

    A LEDES file is a formatted text file used for invoicing in legal matters. My current job as a software tester involves testing a billing and accounting system. This system accepts LEDES files and in order to test this, I have been manually writing LEDES files. This is a bit of a pain. I took a few hours out of a Saturday and wrote a C# application using Windows Forms to generate LEDES invoices easily. You enter information, add line items and then export the file as formatted text. I did this because I have been using the same 15 or so invoice files over and over and making any changes to them can be time consuming. This will save me time at work and it was an interesting learning experience.
    I recently added a feature to this project which allows a user to open an existing LEDES98B file. I'd like to expand on this project a bit more and introduce some MigraDoc features and convert LEDES98B to PDF.


  • Chant Notation

    This is a project in C# using WPF. The goal is to create an application which allows the user to create, save, and print chant notation for use in choirs. Chant notation uses neumes on a four line staff. There are individual neumes but the majority of neumes in chant are complex neumes composed of multiple parts. The parts go together in specific ways and drawing those

Short Projects

Short projects are small things I do with no intention of working on them for an extended period or time. Usually they are meant to solve an immediate problem. Although I may put some planning in them, they are not made to be bug free. I have no intention of supporting them at all.

  • Dice Roller

    One of my hobbies is playing tabletop games. I recently lead a game in D&D Basic. To facilitate this, I wrote a small, agile dice rolling application in Windows Forms. This project was expanded upon as I tried out more dynamic UI things and saving/loading in XML.


  • Note Player

    I have an interest in sound and music mostly in terms of the physics of sound and how it works. In connection to developing the chant notation application, I wrote a small tool that allows the user to play the computer keyboard as if it were a piano. Individual keys on the keyboard correspond to keys on a piano. I have worked some on using threading to "hold" the note but other projects and Life™ got in the way.
    At some point I would like to make this applicaition available here both/either as a download and/or as web application.