Welcome to my corner of the Internet. I haven't entirely decided what will go here yet but I have some ideas I'm tossing around as I work through the daily 9-5 grind. Anything of interest so far would be on the projects page. I work on a lot of different little things and a few major projects.

Major Projects

  • guiWords: A long term project which has finally reached a conclusion. A download can be found on the linked page.
    Additionally, I have just finished porting the WPF desktop application to a .NET/AngularJS application. I am very excited about this final result and there are lots of options available to me for expanding it. It should be mobile friendly. You can check it out Here.
    I have considered developing an external tool to facilitate a local deployment as an alternative to requiring being online.
  • Chant Notation Tool: This project started when a musician friend mentioned the lack of tools to write chant notation. I saw it as a great learning experience for some of the more advanced aspects of programming in C# including graphic work and using PDFSharp. I am still working on this project but I have not created a page for it.